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Car Carbon Cleaning Machice

1. What is engine carbon deposit?


Because of a lack of enough oxygen supply
during combustion, the results tend to be
carbon build up, and subsequently more smog
exiting the exhaust. At the same time if lubricating
oil cannot be combusted properly, it will
produce charred lubricant particles. This
produces carbon from incomplete combustion.
The mixture oxidizes into a gelatinous material,
which adheres to every corner of the engine
forming carbon deposits. The deposits will
adhere to valves, chambers, and even spark
plugs. This can lead to an incident running
engine that will produce too much smog.


2. What is engine carbon cleaning?

The AAA Clean Air engine carbon cleaning
machine uses water as fuel, and electrolysis
water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen
is used as fuel, and oxygen as an accelerant.
The mixed gas has good catalytic combustion
characteristics. This gas produces a high
temperature ame in the vehicle engine, thus
burning away all the grease and carbon deposits
that tend to adhere to the inner engine wall.
After combustion, a water vapor is produced
that will dissolve the grease and carbon slowly.
After the cleaning is complete, all the deposits
are discharged as liquid or fumes coming out of
the exhaust.

3. What's the advantage of carbon  

    cleaning machine?


I. Carbon cleaning machine uses water as fuel to produce mixed oxygen and hydrogen, which has no harm to engine. It is friendly to environment after cleaning, while traditional cleaning methods uses chemicals, which will damage the engine and also pollute the environment.

II. Carbon cleaning machine is very easy to
operate and has an alarm system to remind
operator when the cleaning procedure is

III. No need to disassemble engine, only send the gases through the intake manifold vacuum hose.

IV. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes to finish the cleaning procedure. Time is much shorter than other cleaning methods.

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